Training Team Instructors

Elm Fork Training Team Instructors are dedicated to providing world-class training and instruction in a fun and positive atmosphere.  All of our instructors are carefully selected, fully insured and hold nationally-recognized certifications in the disciplines they teach.  Click on the names below to learn more about each of our Instructors:

Jim Adelt
Avery Andersen
Wes Ball
Bryan Benson
Marina Cesarez
Andrew Chancey
John Crane
Dave Crites
Rich Crumley
Rusty Crumley
Ernie Eckstein
Dale Flenthrope
Drew Forbes
Dwayne Greenville
Larry Jistel
Kyle Larsen
Chris Maxim
Stan Mefford
Dan Mehling
Greg Milam
Bob Nero
Michelle Nickleberry
Mike Oakley
Melody Pokorny
Jamie Rommell
Carl Smail
J.D. Smith

Interested in joining the Elm Fork Training Team?  Submit your resume and instructor credentials to today!