Home Defense Shotgun

Many people have been told to purchase,  have purchased or are contemplating a shotgun for general home defense yet have received little if any understanding of the use of that type of firearm in that type of setting. Nor have most either understood or taken the opportunity to think through the use of a shotgun for home defense. We will introduce a number of thought processes which should be incorporated into a plan for use of a shotgun in a defensive posture.

What this clinic covers:

  1. Shotgun types and operation
  2. Planning your home defense scenario
  3. Ammunition types and their use
  4. Safe gun handling and operational practices
  5. Shooting techniques and skill development
  6. Safe gun storage

This clinic runs approximately 1.5-2 hours in a group setting. You will be shooting so dress accordingly. Fee is $85 per person. Come as an individual, come as a family but come to make sure you’re aware of what you should and should not be doing.