Personal Protection Inside the Home

This course is about 8 hours long and is designed for beginning to intermediate pistol shooters.

The course is designed for law abiding adult citizens. It includes information on state law concerning Handgun Possession, Ownership and the Use of Deadly force. It also covers Strategies for Home Safety and defending your home against intruders.

Participants should be experienced shooters to maximize what can be learned from this course. Each shooter must be able to show mastery of these basic skills:

  • safe gun handling
  • shooting a group
  • zeroing the firearm
  • cleaning the firearm

This course will introduce the student to defensive shooting and teach basic defensive handgun skills. It exposes the student to several schools of thought regarding defensive shooting techniques. Once the fundamentals are learned, students are exposed to new ideas in a measured fashion and encouraged to experiment and choose techniques best suited to them. We will also discuss how to select a handgun for self-defense.